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AI Station

Introducing the most advanced semen analysis equipment on the market, AI STATION. This system is designed for semen production, research, and quality control across a wide variety of species. SPERM.TECH® has developed this new generation of the Computer-Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) system, employing artificial intelligence to deliver precision in sperm motility determination, accuracy in concentration calculation, and detailed determination of abnormal forms.

AI STATION is a sperm analysis system developed for swine, bovine, ovine, caprine, equine, fish, mouse, dog, and human. Its sole objective is to offer the most accurate value in determining the quality of a sample.

Main features

Extended Video Analysis
AISTATION can record and analyze videos four times longer than other systems, providing more realistic and comprehensive motility and progressivity values.

Simultaneous Motility and Morphological Analysis
The simultaneous analysis feature provides immediate data on Motile+Normal spermatozoa (motile cells that are also morphologically suitable).

Artificial Intelligence for Abnormal Morphology Recognition
The application of artificial intelligence enhances the definition of proximal and distal droplets, tails (bent, DMR, coiled), and reacted acrosomes.

High Capacity for Higher Sperm Concentrations
AISTATION operates efficiently with high sperm concentrations, delivering precision concentration accuracy on par with flow cytometry.

Intuitive and Easy-to-use Interface
Despite its advanced capabilities, AISTATION maintains an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making sophisticated semen analysis accessible and manageable.

SPERMBOT Integration

AISTATION works seamlessly with our state-of-the-art accessory, SPERMBOT. As an automatic microscope featuring sophisticated autofocus capabilities, SPERMBOT effectively eliminates variations due to handling errors, ensuring consistent and reliable results in every analysis. This compact and quiet device delivers precise measurements in under 20 seconds, making it an indispensable tool for rapid and accurate semen analysis.

SPERMBOT's user-friendly interface complements AISTATION's intuitive design, providing a seamless user experience. Its silent operation and compact design allow for effortless integration into any workspace, while its multifield analysis capability provides a comprehensive view of samples. With SPERMBOT, each analysis is not only accurate but also perfectly focused, enhancing the precision and reliability of your results when using AISTATION.

Choose the AISTATION and SPERMBOT combination for the ultimate in sperm analysis accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use.

Multiple Dose Calculation Methods
AISTATION offers five different methods for dose calculation:

  1. Per useful spermatozoa
  2. Per total concentration
  3. Between concentration limit values
  4. By progressivity
  5. Manual input

Choose AISTATION for the most accurate and comprehensive evaluation of semen quality. Elevate your sperm analysis process with precision, speed, and ease.

Experience the future of sperm analysis! Dive into the world of SPERMBOT and AISTATION through our informative video below. Discover how our cutting-edge technology makes semen analysis simpler, faster, and more precise than ever before. Don't wait, hit the 'Play' button now and let's revolutionize your workflow together!





1. High-speed computer

2. Microscope to choose:

  • Negative phase contrast microscope with glass heating stage and high definition digital video camera
  • Spermbot (Automatic microscope with autofocus)

3. Digital/touch screen temperature controller with multi-device connection

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